Our Mission

In 2013, we created ShareGurl because our friends told us, “it’s a pain in the ass to visit Fire Island.” We really like having our friends around. We also love seeing a new generation of gays discover this magical place. So we set out to fix some stuff that was broken.

Over the last two years our spunky little company has grown and helped thousands of people find a place to stay, travel from the city and party in Fire Island. But something was always missing: a comfortable and affordable place to stay… whenever. This isn’t a new idea: in many places they call this “a hotel.”

So when we had the opportunity to reimagine the Botel for summer 2015, we jumped at it!

We’ve created an experience that’s designed from scratch to meet the needs of a modern gay Fire Island community.

Check out what we’ve done with the place!

And here’s how we fit with other options

The Hotel Guest Houses Weekly House Rental Share House
Cost of a weekend (per gay) $150-$750 $200-$1500 $750-$1500 $500-1000
Choose your dates
Includes all fees & utilities
Central location